by ShadJabbar
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Upgrade Anytime

With the Upgrade Anytime option, can I literally upgrade to any new phone that has just come out?  


For example, say that I get a contract with the upgrade anytime option on it and I get the new iPhone 11 Pro Max.


In 6 months time will I be able to switch to the Samsung Note 10+ by paying the £100 upgrade fee?


Or in 12 months will I be able to get the top-spec new iPhone that comes out free of charge?


Or am I limited to upgrading to whatever phones are on the upgrade list, regardless of how much the upgrade fee is? 


Ideally, I would like to get a newly-released top-spec phone of my choosing every 6-12 months with either the same monthly payments and pay the upgrade fee.

Is the possible with this upgrade program or can I only upgrade to the new phones that have been put on a list by EE?



EE Community Support Team

Re: Upgrade Anytime

Hi @ShadJabbar,


Welcome to the EE Community. 🙂


Yes, you'll be able to swap your iPhone 11 for the latest model online, in-store or by calling 150 from your EE phone.





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