by abi_flory63

Positive feedback

Have looked on the EE website to find out where I can give some feedback, and this is the only place I can find people have posted feedback.

I have been having trouble with my phone connecting to my home wifi and got around to phoning EE, Brian answered my call and was extremely helpful, after I struggled through the security questions he offered to set me up a password so next time I phone it is easier to get started. Then he talked me through a bunch of different ways that might help resolve my wifi connection. After we had been through a number and none worked he suggest I turn my home wifi off and on again, he waited patiently whilst it reset and thankfully it worked, I have my wifi back. Anyway I just wanted to say how amazing Brian was, I am not the best when it comes to technology and he was so patient with me and went through lots of options, even when I thought there was no other way he came up with one. If you can please pass on my good feedback back to him!

EE Community Support Team

Re: Positive feedback

Hello there @abi_flory63 



Thanks for taking the time to let us know about your experience.


This is a lovely way to end my working week, to read such a lovely post from a happy customer 🙂


I am super happy you got your query resolved, and you coming to the community to let us know is much appreciated.


As a thank you for letting us know how great Brian was, I would like to send you a small gift.


You will have a private message from me on here for some details.


Speak soon.


Leanne 😁

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