by abbifreed

Positive feedback

I would just like to comment on a woman called Angelo who works for EE customer service that has been incredibly helpful. I have now spoken to EE three times in the last two days (once in store and twice on the phone). The initial phone call was with a polite man however he did not offer me any good deals which left me feeling quite frustrated. I think went into a store (Stratford Westfield) and spoke with a women who was completely unhelpful and not interested at all in getting me a good deal. This left me feeling really irritated as I have only ever had positive experiences with EE workers. I then rang up again and was put on the phone with Angela. Immediately she gave me a fantastic deal and couldn’t have been more helpful. This is the reason I have chosen to stay with EE for such a long time (nearly 10 years). She was professional and went out of her way to give me a deal that has made my day.


Thank you very much Angela - you are lovely and I hope you get the credit you deserve!! 



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Positive feedback

@abbifreed   Unfortunately stores can only offer what that advertise in store they can not offer you any better price’s and it’s always better to call.  Still you got something that you are happy with after your 2nd call.  

EE Community Support Team

Re: Positive feedback

Thanks for coming to the community to share your positive feedback @abbifreed 🙂


It's great to hear you got the deal you wanted and will continue to be an EE customer!



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