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Positive feedback

I just wanted to say that I called EE's customer service number and spoke to Rowan in Wales, who was very friendly and helpful, he solved my problem in just a few minutes. I was very impressed with his friendly manner and efficiency.


It was also lovely to hear his colleagues in the background sharing a laugh while the radio played, it sounds like a lovely place to work! 

EE Community Team

Re: Positive feedback

Hi @Tessybear42,


Thanks for coming to here to let us know about the fantastic experience you had with Rowan.


As a thank you for letting us know, we would like to send you a little gift.

 S&D Spot Prize.jpg





I have sent you a private message to get some details.


Thanks for making the community a great place to come to 🙂




Former EE Community Manager

Re: Positive feedback

Hi there @Tessybear42


We're really lucky to have a great team here at EE - you're right, we enjoy our work and we also have great relationships across our teams.


I'm so glad that you came here to give us that great feedback as it's always affirming to hear the good news. Thank you 🙂 



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