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Positive Feedback

I hope that this messages reaches the correct department!


After 12 years with EE I was ready to leave without a backwards glance having felt that as a long standing customer, I wasn't getting the best possible service & price.

Denise Russell is a credit to the team she works in and the company too - she was personable, efficient, quick to build a natural rapport, all the while showing empathy with a pro-active approach.


I've worked in call centres for many years - goodness knows it's not an easy job - and good staff are to hard to find and even harder to keep.

EE, you're lucky to have Denise Russell!

EE Community Support Team

Re: Positive Feedback

Hi @susiqbunny


Welcome to the community and thank you so much for leaving this lovely feedback for Denise. 🙂


I'm so glad her personable approach helped you decide to stay. I'll do my best to pass this message on to her.


As a thank you for joining the community and sharing your experience, I'd love to send you a small gift from us here on the community team.


Please take a look at your private messages and get back to me.


Thanks 🙂





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