by Sophiee1

In-store Feedback

I’ve received texts and promps asking me to leave feedback for the EE helpline and EE app, but what about for the people working in the shops?! I took out a new contract with EE last week and the guys working in the Brunswick shopping centre, London (

Darrell and Naim) were so helpful!! Both very friendly and patient, explained all the options and helped me get a much better deal than I had from my previous provider. They went above and beyond, helped me with a new phone case and transferred my old number across to EE. 

I hope there’s a way my positive feedback can be passed onto to them because they are both doing a really great job 🙂

EE Community Team

Re: In-store Feedback

Hi @Sophiee1,


Welcome to the community 🙂


Thanks for coming here to share you experience and leave your feedback for Darrell and Naim.


I will make sure this is fed back to the guys in the Brunswick Store.


Hopefully see you around the community again soon!



Alex 🙂

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