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Im also a music lover&i love all kinds of music,mainly60s,70s,80s,up2present day

Im also mad about music from 60s,70s,80s,90s,up 2 the present but find todays music has no soul,i find listening2old music ie beatles.carpenters very theroputic&it gets me through all the tough&hard times in my life,i do cry when most of the carpenters songs come on as she had a beautiful voice&her brother richard was a great writer&composer of music like hal david,burt bacharach,ashford&simpson,george martin(producer of beatles songs which there were many,i love motown music,bob marley&all the forgotten stars of yesteryear.thanx carnut1965,what would we do without music,as it is the food of life,it brings us joy happiness sadness&romance similar2the vicar of dibley which i loved watching,jim with his no,no,no,alice with her stupidity who passed away not long ago,the hortons,that lady that would make them dam awful cakes,the farmer,dawn french as lady vicar with her love of all things chocolate,always like tge joke@tge end credits came up,wonderful show with brilliant actors,made me laff so much it would make me cry,rip alice horton,lost a wonderful lady&actress,sadly missed,tgat was her stage name,cant remember her real name,think it was emma or claire something?

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Re: Im also a music lover&i love all kinds of music,mainly60s,70s,80s,up2pre

Hi @Profile closed.


I absolutely agree I love listening to music!


I also do find sometimes certain songs you can relate to, I love UB40 my dad always used to listen to them.


Have a great weekend,


Katie 🙂

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Re: Im also a music lover&i love all kinds of music,mainly60s,70s,80s,up2pre

I also love UB40 and some of their songs make me cry as does annie lennox.

I have very eclectic tastes 50's to now and love head banging tunes, drum & base etc.

Eclectic is not the word as my fave is Pachelbells Cannon by the Hale orchestra at full blast; when the violins kick in it rattles my fillings, try it.

My dog loves Bach's Cantata 208, obviousley as she is a German shepheard, it is a lovely tune.

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Re: Im also a music lover&i love all kinds of music,mainly60s,70s,80s,up2pre

I love Queen, meat loaf , stevie wonder and billy idol lol

I do like some of today’s music but prefer most of the older stuff more. Xxx

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