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How do I pass on praise to the lady on the support team who solved my problem?



I’ve registered here because usually after a call to EE, I get a series of texts asking for feedback. Usually it’s a number out of 10 or comments which I’m fine with. If a member of staff has been good, I’ll always complete this to hopefully help them in their next appraisal. I’m a firm believer that where credit is due, then credit should be given. 


Anyway... I had a tech query to do with two Apple watches I got. I got one in an EE store and my wife decided she wanted it so I decided to order the larger one for myself. Anyway, in swapping things over once the other had arrived, I’d cocked things up royally. 


So, I called 150 and eventually got put through to a lady who was fantastic. The first call took about 90 minutes and although progress was made, I was tired so I asked her if she could call me back the next evening after a certain time. The following day, after that certain time, progress was made and again, I’d got tired. On both days, I’d been up since 04:30 and had worked 12+ hours on my Ambulance but by the end of the second call, it seemed like we were there but something wasn’t quite right. But I asked her to call back the next day which she duly did...


However, in between the second and last call, whatever she had done had worked. When she called, I couldn’t thank her enough but I never got a text or anything giving me the chance to give feedback. I’m annoyed because people are so quick and able to complain but I feel that the service I received from this lady deserves recognition. My wife has experience of working in a call centre and she herself was gobsmacked at the level of service I got and agrees that it needs to be made known to her manager.


So, how do I do this? She works in Ireland and I can supply her name and my account details to help verify who she is if needed. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: How do I pass on praise to the lady on the support team who solved my proble


Good Morning @Singo35.


Welcome to the community.


Thank you for letting us know about the outstanding service you received from an agent in Ireland. 




As a thank you I would love to send you a small gift. 


I have sent you a private message for more information. 


Katie 🙂

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