by Eandh11

How can you give feedback on a store and phone colleague?

I was looking to upgrade a second line on my account and then take another line out for my other daughter, I wanted to give great feedback to 2 people but can't find a feedback form online?


Ben in the Maidstone store was incredibly helpful, he spoke to customer services, got them to build the deal I had been offered wit accessories so I could complete it all inshore, unfortunately the items included in the deal were not available in store and he was very honest and said I was better calling and doing the upgrade over the phone to get the deal offered. This was after he had spent half an hour of his time when the store was busy trying to ensure he could help me and in an ideal world I would have liked to have completed the transaction with him. If anyone from EE sees this please pass on my sincere thanks for all his help and patience and I will def be back when one of our other lines due fro upgrade, keep doing what you are doing as you are a great representative of EE.


After I left the store I spoke to Paul Faichney from retention team and wanted  to say thank you for all his help this morning. He dealt with all my questions and queries with confidence and efficiency.

Delighted that we’ve managed to sort not just the one line I initially called about but also a new contact with both the phones our daughters desperately wanted but in a realistic package cost and the unlimited data on new line was a complete bonus!
I’m not sure if there is a way this  can forward this email to your management team, but, if you can then I think listening back to the conversation we had would be a perfect training example of how to deal with a customer and ensure that because of the service and professionalism you showed throughout the call you have secured our loyalty to EE for another 2 years.


EE Community Support Team

Re: How can you give feedback on a store and phone colleague?

Good Afternoon @Eandh11


Thank you so much for coming the community and sharing this amazing feedback. 


On behalf of you I will be sending an email to not only Paul but his manager to so the right recognition is given, as you also provided the store in which Ben works in I am positive I will be able to get this feedback to him and his manager. 



As a thank you from us here on the community, I would love to send you a small gift. 


You should now have a private message for further information. 


Speak soon, 


Katie 🙂

by Eandh11

Re: How can you give feedback on a store and phone colleague?

Thanks Katie I replied last week hopefully you've received this Michelle

EE Community Support Team

Re: How can you give feedback on a store and phone colleague?

Hi there @Eandh11


Thanks for coming back to us.


We haven't received your reply to the private message, could you tap on the private message link here and reply to Katie's message 🙂


We would hate you to miss out on the gift 🙂





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