by Missmufftea

new EE Flex plans

Re the new ee flex plans. They advertise 4 but there seem to be 8. Ee Phone agents havent heard of it. I called yesterday and today and they have no idea about it.

I don't understand the international package. Does this mean the normal package doesn't work abroad at all? Not enough info to explain on the app.

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EE Community Support Team

Re: EE pay as you go Data Rollover

Hi @Missmufftea


Welcome to the community. 🙂


Our customer service team have all access to information on the new Flex plans, which launched this morning. I've checked this.


There are 4 Flex plans, a £10, £15, £25 and £30.


Find out more about EE Flex plans >


You can use your normal UK allowances within the EU and EEA.



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