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T Mobile internet booster



According to the following link there are two 30 days internet boosters costing £12 and £5. I would like to know the difference between them since there is no information about them anywhere.


According to the next link the two 30 days internet boosters cost both £12. And there is a mistake on the fine print on bullet point 11 indicating that the activation code is " MONTHBB" when "MONTHWEB" is the correct code.


Thank you for your help

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Re: T Mobile internet booster

Hi @Karen_C , please could you rectify/clarify this for the member? 

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Re: T Mobile internet booster

Hello @omegaalpha19 codes ending WEB are for use with all phones except the data packs which exclude Blackberry phones.

Codes ending BB are Blackberry only codes 🙂
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Re: T Mobile internet booster

Hello @omegaalpha19.


We have requested this page to be updated.


All £5.00 data add-ons on T-Mobile are now £12.00


Thanks 🙂

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