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by EE Community Manager
EE Community Manager

How to become an EE Community Star

The best way to become an EE Community Star is be involved and contribute positively to the community, upholding our community etiquette and guidelines to the highest.


You should also let one of the EE Community Team know you’re interested, so we can get to know you!

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Community Stars:


  • Are welcoming and friendly - they're one of the reasons people return to the community again and again.

  • Are always happy to help others and share their specialist knowledge.

  • Help newcomers and point people in the right direction.

  • Keep the community tidy so people can easily find what they need.

  • Stay connected with the EE Community Team, letting us know how to better serve customers in the community.

  • Let the EE Community Team know about improvements we can make to the website.


Naturally, being a Community Star comes with perks!

  • Extra permissions and privileges.

  • Access to a private discussion area.

  • Special avatars and a Star Badge.

  • Invitations to VIP events and early access to new EE initiatives and promotions.

  • Opportunities to connect with EE staff in developing and testing new products and services.


Interested? Let us know! 🙂

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