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Re: Home Broadband Chap Authentication Failed

@iph007 wrote:

So what fixed my issue

Your Subject says it all! They entered your creds in their Authentication server, which they failed to do previously.

@iph007 wrote:

confirm if I use my MAC I am in my rights to and will get no financial issues.

You have always the right to use a MAC as long as it's within its 30-day lifespan. However you will be liable for Early Termination Fees, unless they have agreed to forgo them and not just 1 bloke saying so on the phone.
What are your router stats now?
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Re: Home Broadband Chap Authentication Failed

So, EE are obviously doing the rounds and fixing issues at the moment then!

So after my request sometime last week for them to rebuild my account from scratch, we have received intermittent calls to say that the system they use to request and/or build new accounts was broken, and it remained broken until Monday afternoon, when we received our last update.

However, on Monday evening, it magically started to work! There was no need to reconfigure anything, on our end, the light on the router just stopped blinking. Obviously since then, I have not received a call from them to see if what ever it is they have done worked or not, and to discuss the issue of compensation for inconvenience, time spent and the 15 hours of phone calls we made to EE!

I have since called them, have lodged an official complaint, and waiting for a call back.
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Re: Home Broadband Chap Authentication Failed

I will be calling to confirm I am leaving and they have failed based upon their own terms to give me a working solution within 14 days.. will let you know what I get in writing...


Stats are

Down 11,212kbps

Up 1180kbps


So nothing very exciting at all.

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