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Corrupt files.

I used my 4gee action cam at the weekend and after getting home realised roughly a third of the videos and photos taken were showing as corrupt files.  It seems to be totaly random as i have other pics and videos taken at different times of the day that are fine but some are corrupt. I really would like to recover these files if possible and to stop it happening again. Thanks for any help in advance.


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Re: Corrupt files.

Good Morning @Tony2215


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I'm not really sure if you'll be able to recover the corrupt files. 


I had a good look on Google and found some recovery apps, but not sure how successful these would be.


Are you using an SD card in the Action Cam?


Thanks - Karen. Smiley Happy

by Tony2215 Investigator

Re: Corrupt files.

Hi Karen,


Yes its a 64gb sd card. Ive been using the card in the camera for about a year now with no problem untill now. I have moved all the files to my pc now and reformated the card in the camera in hope it stops it happening again. 

I still cant seem to find anything that will open the corrupt files.



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Re: Corrupt files.

Hi @Tony2215


Thanks for the reply to @Karen_C 🙂


She has gone home for the night so I'm eager to try and see what recovery apps she may have came across for you.


I will get back to you as soon as possible, unless another user can help us in the mean time.


Thank you





by Tony2215 Investigator

Re: Corrupt files.

Thanks Richard.

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