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by Tgaine

Can not listen to radio using brightbox

Good morning folks,

Just a quickie, has anyone had any problems listening to online radio, (radio 1 or 2 or any commercial stns) since upgrading from the orange livebox to the orange brightbox.


Ever since I have upgraded I have not been able to listen to the radio online as it just keeps stopping after 30 secs, I have contacted support and they said its not there problem, well I think it is, perhaps the settings need changing or something.


Any ideas ???

by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: Can not listen to radio using brightbox

How are you listening online, is it via an app or through a website ?

by mickpw

Re: Can not listen to radio using brightbox

This is driving me mad.  It's alright some of the time but completey useless most of the time. It used to work ok.

I have had two engineers visit.  The first said it was a s/n on the line problem and after a few attempts at a hard reset at the exchange it seemed ok for a bit.  The second engineer said the line was ok but monitored it for a bit with the pc connected by cable and said the router was faulty.

I've had a second router, moved the cordless phone two metres away from the router, performed numerous resets, changed channels and phoned about 5 times. 


The broadband light light on the router is solid but when it happens the data light stops flashing.  I have the buffering on the apps at maximum.


As well as loosing the radio when using the internet I often get a message that I am not connected to the internet or that a strem cannot be decoded.


Any help would be welcome.  Phoning is getting me nowhere.


by jonnyw

Re: Can not listen to radio using brightbox

I am having exactly the same problem, have replaced the brightbox and the problem continues. I know it is the router as when I use an old router I have I do not have the same problem (iplayer will happily stream all day). When monitoring broadband speed I can see it is around 17mbps but will then sudden drop to 0 mbps for anything from 10 seconds up to about 2 mins - this is clearly what is giving me the buffering issue. Throughout this break in data flow the Internet connection light on the router remains solid.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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