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What Data do you Need to Transfer your Orange Emails to Another Provider?

Important: Orange email closed on 31st May but will be reopened for POP3/IMAP access only on 12th June for 2 weeks to allow final transfers of emails across to new providers or reading of remaining emails into email clients/apps on PCs or mobiles.


For Importing your Orange emails into Gmail, or any other mail provider that allows adding other email accounts to its own, you will need to provide it with the information identifying your account as set out in the following table.


N.B. There are 3 types of Orange email accounts, each of which has its own specifics:

  1. The email addresses that were supplied with Broadband, looking like "Name@Account.Orangehome.co.uk". The domain itself could be 1 of 7.
  2. The free Webmail "Name@FSMail.net".
  3. The email addresses that were supplied with Orange mobiles, "MobileNumber@Orange.net", which also has a personalised email address "Name@Orange.net" for sending emails.


Field         Broadband Emails @ FSMail.net

@ Orange.net

Email Account    Your email address Your email address Name@Orange.net

Your normal Webmail


Your normal Webmail


Your POP3 password, not your

Webmail password,

unless you've never changed either

POP Username

Everything after the '@'

of your email address

 Your full email address  MobileNumber@Orange.net
POP Server  pop.orangehome.co.uk  pop.orangehome.co.uk  pop.orange.net
Port  110  110  110



These same parameters can also be used to read your emails using an POP3 email client on a PC or a Mail app on a mobile. In which case you will also need the following Outgoing SMTP parameters for all 3 types of Orange email account: 


Field Value
  SMTP Server   smtp.orangehome.co.uk
  Port  587
 Outgoing Server Requires Authentication (or Sign-in)  Yes, same as Incoming Server


By using these SMTP settings they will work anywhere, even if you are not running over EE's Home Broadband network, i.e. EE is not your ISP, and at home & away. So it's best to use these on any mobile device, like a laptop, that you may take away from home. 


Note that for the POP3 & SMTP Servers there are about a dozen you could use for any of the 3 types of Orange email accounts but they are all interchangeable, being just aliases for each other.

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Re: What Data do you Need to Transfer your Orange Emails to Another Provider?

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