by WestEndMo18

Excellent service


Hi, its not obvious where to feedback after an hour of trying but i wanted to say a huge thanks to Adam at the Eastleigh branch on Saturday 18th August, Adam was superb in sorting out my daughters phone before moving to Barcelona, the price was great and Adam took care to ensure that the package met my daughters needs all in a very firendly, quick  and and fuss free way, we were both delighted, thanks so much for making it so easy and for true customer service, you are a star Adam, we will be back ! 🙂



by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: Excellent service

@WestEndMo18  Can I just ask how long is she there for ? As I hope you was informed that she’ll only be able to use her allowances for 60 days out any 120 day period.  

by WestEndMo18

Re: Excellent service

She will be living there permanently and had a similar contract with EE before which has covered her part time living in Barcelona since 2015 so i am not sure i understand your point as we made this clear to Adam?


EE Community Support Team

Re: Excellent service

Hi @WestEndMo18

Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your wonderful feedback from your time in-store with Adam. 🙂


I think what @Chris_B is alluding to is our stable links policy, which forms part of our services. Please see this statement from our pay monthly price guide:


We will consider you have a stable link to the UK if you spend at least half of your time during any 4 month period within the UK. If your usage abroad in the EU/EEA/Switzerland exceeds this, you will be alerted by text, and after a 2-week period we may charge you for services you use.


Did Adam explain that to you in-store?



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