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A checklist for changing your email account

If you're changing your email address you need to let service providers and others know how to contact you and ensure you can still log in to various online accounts. If you have used your old email address to link to the following you'll need to update them.


Here's a useful checklist to help you to make sure you have let everyone and everything know. Have we missed anything? Tap reply below to let us know and we'll add it to the list.

EE Home Broadband account

EE Mobile account

 Airlines/frequent flyer services

 Alert subscriptions (eg weather, sport, news etc)

 App stores (Apple, iTunes, Google Play Store etc)

 Banks/building societies/financial investments/PayPal

 Car - service/retailer/manufacturer/warranty/breakdown

 Charities that people support & receive newsletters for

 Childcare vouchers

 Children’s email accounts linked to parent’s email address

 Cinema and theatre listings

 Cloud storage & file transmission (e.g. Dropbox, WeTransfer, Amazon Photos)

 Collaboration tools (e.g. Slack, Lync, Skype)


 E-newsletters

 Ebay

 Electrical warranty provider

 Employment agencies/recruitment consultants

 Estate agents

 Family activities Providers (e.g. drama school, tennis, swimming etc)

 Games console accounts (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo etc)

 Government Gateway (HMRC services, tax Returns etc)

 Groupon

 Gumtree

 Gym/leisure memberships/organisations

 Holiday clubs and after school clubs

 Insurance services (home, travel, car, medical etc.)

 Library

 Loyalty schemes (eg Nectar, Boots Advantage, Tesco Clubcard)

 Maintenance contracts (eg window cleaner, service charges)

 Medical services (doctors, hospitals)

 Newspaper and magazine accounts/subscriptions

 Nursery/cchool/university/alumni

 Online comparison sites (Compare the Market, Uswitch,

 Online discount dites (Money Saving Expert, Quidco, TopCashback)

 Professional societies/subscriptions

 Retailers (grocery, Amazon, clothing, household)

 Social networks (Facebook/Twitter/Linked In)

 Software subscriptions (Office 365)

 Streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV etc)

 Telecoms providers (Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Broadband)

 Travel services (Trainline, holiday companies, TripAdvisor, Expedia etc.)

 Utility companies (gas, electric)

 Vets/Microchip registrations



You may find it useful to copy and paste the list above into a word document, (tip - copy into Notepad first to keep the formatting, and then from there into word) or you can download the attached list to print out. 

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