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EE Broadband Customer Service

The service I received after I signed up for EE Broadband was so bad, when my attempts to raise a complaint over the phone got nowhere, I decided to write a letter instead.

I sent the letter to the Complaint Investigations team at EE in Sunderland on 14th December 2012. When I didnt hear anything for a month, I also sent another copy this time to the team in Rotherham on 13th January 2013.


I also sent the details by email through the EE website on 13th January 2013, again on 21st January 2013, and yet again on 28th January.


Not once have I received an acknowledgement of my complaint apart from the automated response which says I will get a response within 48 hours.

Although my initial complaint was regarding the customer service I received, since then, the speed I am receiving is rubbish. Some days last week I was getting less than 1 meg - a far cry from the minimum of 10 and max of 17 I was promised.

So, does anyone know of anyone, anywhere that will deal with customer complaints properly? Things are really bad when you got better service from TalkTalk !!!