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News: Archiving older and inactive community topics

The EE Community Team is preparing to archive older and inactive topics. This means conversations and information older than one year will be moved to a read-only archive.

Once this initial work is finished we'll continue to archive the community every so often, with the aim to keep information here largely around a year old. 


There will always be some exceptions, such as the information in the About the community section, some private forums you're a part of, and older topics which are still relevant. 


How archiving might affect you


    • If you follow conversations that were last active around 12 months ago, these will be moved to the read-only archive. No one will be able to add comments, and no one can mark comments as being helpful or as a solution.

    • Although you'll still be able to find archived topics using the community search feature, you may want to bookmark important topics.

    • You might be able to search Google (or other search engines) and find older conversations for a while, but we can't guarantee how long that will be.

    • In your profile, the topics you created more than a year ago will no longer be found in the dropdown menu called 'Topics I've participated in'.

    • Your profile will still display the same amount of helpful comments and solutions - these numbers won't change when we move conversations into the read-only archive.

A special note for writers and experts

    • If you've written a topic that's older than a year, please take a moment to re-write the topic and re-post it.

      This is a great way to freshen up your original post, and readers will know the information is current.

      Let us know in the comments if you've got something like this in mind, and need any support with ideas or approaches. 

    • If you're eager to write and contribute to the community's pool of knowledge, that would be fantastic. 

      If you need help, comment below with your ideas or talk to @TiffJ - she really wants to hear from you!

      You can also talk to one of our Community Stars, who are happy to help you get started.





Let us know if you have questions about our archiving work, writing for the community, or anything else.


Thank you!

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: News: Archiving older and inactive community topics

An important, but extremely boring task. Thank you everyone for the efforts on this. 


With this in place, it allows our Community to remain user friendly and efficient! 

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