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All about badges in the EE Community

What's a community badge?


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To have a little fun in the community and create a bit of healthy competition, we’ve set up something called badges.


Everyone can earn badges. Your profile will be updated every time you get a badge and will also show you what's still up for grabs.


We've even hidden a few additional bonus badges as a surprise, so now's the perfect time to explore the community and try something new. 


The badges are now live, and we’ll create more for you to unlock soon.



How do I earn badges?


Join in, ask and answer questions, support other users, thank people for their support; all of these activities in the EE Community will earn you badges.


Even simply completing your profile is enough to earn you a badge:





first steps badge.PNG



What else can I get a badge for?


Are you a regular visitor? Logged in lots? Then you will soon earn the familiar face badge:


 familiar face badge.PNG




How helpful are you? If you support lots of other community members and they mark your posts as helpful then you'll soon win a helping hand badge:




helping hand.PNG





How about if you're great at starting conversations? With 50 you will win this badge:




bright ideas.PNG





There are loads of other badges to earn too, so join in, get chatting and see what pops up!




Who will be the first to earn 50 badges?



Let us know what you think of the badges; just tap reply below

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by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: All about badges in the EE Community

@TiffJ   Do we get a prize for getting 50 badges ?  If so I’m on 51.  Lol.  

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: All about badges in the EE Community



No you only get a prize for being on exactly 36.


(That's me by the way)


I think I need to catch you up in more ways than 1 Mr Chris. I'm going for it now. Don't Like your name being above mine 

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by wileybusiness Established Contributor
Established Contributor

Re: All about badges in the EE Community

thank you @TiffJ

by captur63

Re: All about badges in the EE Community

the badges are a good insentive keep it up ee

EE Community Support Team

Re: All about badges in the EE Community

Thanks @captur63 😄


Hope to see you around in future, earning more badges. 🙂



by Bradford1 Investigator

Re: All about badges in the EE Community

Only found out about this a few days ago, what a great idea and incentive to be involved

EE Employee

Re: All about badges in the EE Community

Hi @Bradford1 


I'm glad you like the idea, I have just unlocked my 47th badge.


Many thanks,




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