by Charlwilson89

Positive feedback for Lynsey **********

Hi my name is Charlotte Wilson and recently had an ongoing delivery problem with a new upgrade (DPD side of things) My phone was 1 week late with DPD offering no help what so ever. I spoke to Lynsey ********* from the Newcastle branch.......


Well what can i say about Lynsey...........i was ready to leave EE at the beginning of the weekend but Lynsey turned that around......solving my query and getting to the bottom of things.....even emailing in her own time over the weekend! i feel like i have known her for years!! I work in customer service myself and i can tell you i have learnt a lot from Lynsey. She is so natural and expects nothing back. So i genuinely hope this message gets to her and her team leaders and she gets the recognition she deserves. Employees like her should be valued. What an asssest to EE. x


[MOD EDIT: Employee Surname has been removed for safety and security]



EE Employee

Re: Positive feedback for Lynsey **********

Hi @Charlwilson89 and welcome to the community.


i have passed this feedback over to Lynsey and her line manager 🙂


I'm glad you received brilliant service 🙂


Thanks surprise.png



As an extra thank you, I'd like to send you a gift voucher via email so you can get a treat on us.

I'll send you a private message in a moment to get some details.


Many thanks,




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