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Top-Up Card is associated with another number

Can I find out what other number this card is linked and can I change the link to my number?

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Re: Top-Up Card is associated with another number

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You would need to get a new etop up card because once it's been associated with a number it cant be registered again.

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Re: Top-Up Card is associated with another number


Here's the thing, we only have two phones on EE, the one I use and my son's - his is a contract phone - so never used the Top-Up Card. We were given two £5 Top-Up cards as part of the deal for the phone - I used one. The Top-Up Card I'm having an issue with was straight out of the package - so how can it be registered to another number?

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Grand Master

Re: Top-Up Card is associated with another number

It was you in your OP that said this top-up card was linked to another no. If it is straight out of the package you can link it to your no. by texting ETU + 13-digit top-up card number,  e.g. ETU 0123456789012 , to 150 from your phone.


However I don't understand what you mean by "£5 top-up card". Top-up cards don't have values but are used to top-up by taking them to a shop that does top-ups with some money. They are used to just ID the no.


Could you have meant it is a top-up voucher which do have values? In which case you can top up by texting VO + 16-digit voucher number,  e.g. VO 1234567891234567 , to 150.


That's the difference, top-up cards have 13-digit nos, vouchers 16-digit nos.

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