by Nobleman04

Re: EMUI 10 what is EE's excuse

I really don't care about updates getting delayed if they're actually working on *improving* what's coming our way - but I'm really annoyed that I had to factory reset my P30Pro just to get my Wifi Calling to work again...

I'm currently running EMUI 9.1.0 and I'm having to dismiss the 'update now' notifications *multiple* times every day, just so I'm able to use my phone as a phone... I have zero mobile signal at home and rely on my EE Wifi Calling to be able to receive calls and texts - and I've found absolutely no other solution to this problem, than to reset to factory settings and then deny all software updates... 

Still waiting for this to be fixed...

EE Community Support Team

Re: EMUI 10 what is EE's excuse

Hi @Nobleman04


Thanks for posting on the community.


Have you reported this to our Tech Gurus on 150?


They will be able to get this looked into for you.





by Nobleman04

Re: EMUI 10 what is EE's excuse

Hi Leanne, thanks for the reply...

In short though, no - I haven't called 150, as they haven't seemed to help the other people who are still stuck with this very problem...
(see the thread linked here:
...or here...

From the many threads I've read on this site (about other problems too, not just this one) it seems that although you guys do a fantastic job of communicating with people who post here, it seems that EE just wants to blame the manufacturers, and when contacted, the manufacturers just want to blame the network...

I've been keeping an eye on things and was hoping to see some posts from people who have had this problem sorted - now EMUI 10 is on it's way I was also hopeful that this new update would fix the issue... Unfortunately, I've not seen anyone post any good news...

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