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Calling and texting abroad from the UK on EE

Calling or texting abroad on EE? We’ll let you know how much international calling and texting costs and ways you can save money.



How much will a call or text abroad cost?


You'll be pleased to hear that if you're contacting someone who is abroad and who is using a UK number, this will come out of your allowance.


If you call or text someone who is abroad and using an international number, costs will vary depending on what country they’re in.


You can check costs on our Calling abroad from the UK tool. All you need to do is enter the country you're calling or texting and select pay monthly or pay as you go.



How can I save money on calls and texts abroad?


You can add our free call abroad add-on to reduce costs. Text CALL ABROAD to 150 to get this added to your account.


Have a look at our Calling abroad Help page to see how much you could save with the add-on.



Can I pay monthly for international minutes to call abroad?


Yes, you can. If you’re on a pay monthly account you can add one of our Calling abroad add-ons



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