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Accidental topup

Hi there,

Please excuse me if this post appears inappropriate but I am simply unsure of what to do. My elderly mother - who has dementia - has a PAYG phone that is only ever used for emergencies. Until recently, I took responsibility for making any top-up payments when required. (Maybe £10.00 a year - if that!). When I checked her phone this afternoon I see that she currently has a balance of almost £70.00 - with three topup payments having been made within a couple of days of each other. (Really funny amounts tho' e..g. £44.73).  I was just wondering if anyone else has experience of trying to limit spending with aged parents with dementia whilst still giving them control over their phone? (If anyone knows how one can get a refund of money that will never be spent, that would also be appreciated 🙂 )

Thanks, Morag

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Brilliant Contributor

Re: Accidental topup

Pretty sure you can't make 44.37 top up. Its in incurments of £5. Give EE a ring and see what they can do but PAYG credit is non refundable you can only have it transferred to an pay monthly account if you are upgrading that PAYG plan to a pay monthly account.

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Re: Accidental topup

Good Morning @EmmCee.


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I'd recommend following @BrendonH's advice and contacting our Mobile Care team.


They will have access to your account and be able to see what has happened with this top-up.



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Re: Accidental topup

Upgrading to a monthly account is probably the best option especially if combined with an easy to use phone. It hadn't occurred to me that I would be able to use her PAYG balance to cover the new account costs. Thank you. 


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Re: Accidental topup

If you are only topping up approx  £10 a year I wouldn't go near or even consider pay monthly, there's really no point doing that as it would just be a waste of money.

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