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cancellation charge

Hi, All


I had been using EE broad band for around 9months.

and almost 3 months were disconnected and 2months with poor connection. 

At the first time, because of they fail to mange the previously occupied landline, they just locked my account for a month and half without any notice.

when I went to the one of the branch to know why it took so long. they just found the problem. but I kindly beared with this kind of unprofessional service.

However, 2months later I just lost the connection.

and it took almost 3weeks to fix it. 

Last time, The connection was going to poor again. Connection did not last more than 5min and disconnected repeatedly. Even if I got the connection, I wasn`t able to open google website. I made a report this several times and I did not get proper reply from them. Whenever I called to customer service, they did same things repeatedly and did not do any practical thing to solve the problem. Surely this process also took 3weeks from when I made first report. 

And then I decided to terminate the contract. Because I did not get promised connection when I made a contract.

I thought I don`t need to waste my time and payments anymore for this. 

However, they charged cancellation fee (around 150pounds) on my account. 

I strongly believe this is not right. But I don`t know how to solve this unfair situation in a  good way. 

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Re: cancellation charge

Hello @Wonik,


Welcome to the community,


Before you cancelled, you should have come to the broadband forum and @XRaySpeX would have been able to help you if you had given us the information needed to take a look to see what the problem is.


You could have also asked for a credit for the time you had no broadband. If there was a problem with the previous owner of the landline, then that would have needed sorting first.


Cancelling before the time is up and according to what you signed up, you would have to pay, not much we can do here, but you could make a complaint by clicking on this link:



EE Community Support Team

Re: cancellation charge

Hello there @Wonik


I am very sorry to hear about your broadband experience.


If you speak to our broadband customer service team they will be able to get your account looked into and see what can be done for you.


Thanks, Leanne.

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Grand Master

Re: cancellation charge

Had you acted sooner I might have been able to help you with your BB issues.


£147 is about the correct termination fee for about 9 months remaining on an an ADSL BB contract. I should think you could still claim a rebate against it for the times you were disconnected & locked out. They were not providing a service at that time. Therefore you should not be paying for it.

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Re: cancellation charge

I think the issue here is why your service didn't work. Did EE diagnose the issue?  If it was due to your own home network, extensions, cables or router setup then they could rightly have said they can't diagnose the issues for you. In these cases any loss of service would not be Openreach's fault, nor EE.


If it was due to extenral line issues, then you will probably have the same technical issues when you sign upfor an alternative ISP, so you will have to go through the same diagnosis routine as you did with EE.


PS - if you migrate to BT they may offer to pay off any cancellation fee from your previous ISP.

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