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Worst ever upgrade

I ve upgraded my ee broadband from standard to fibre plus. Now i have higher speed but connection is not stable at all. I can not have a smooth browsing or streaming video calls via skipe. Engineer came, verified and said everything is alright. I use just 1 laptop and 2 smartphones, but not all in same time. What i should do?

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Re: Worst ever upgrade

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Have you checked this thread, and can you provide the information needed to get some help?

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Re: Worst ever upgrade

When you upgrade you will probably have been put on a 10 day Dynamic Line Management - this optimises your connection speed to just high enough to be stable.  In the first days the speed will fluctuate trying to find a stable sweet spot.  I am guessing you are in that early period.  I am surprised the engineer did not explain this, not try to find a reason for your instability, other than saying - everything looks fine (not helpful!)    Don't reboot the router, just leave the connection as it is and monitor and log the speeds each day.    By day 7 it should be stable.


Before you come back to this thread.. make sure you have the data statistics to give us an idea of what your set up is.

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