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When will EE make IPV6 available for broadband users?

I was recently informed by my xbox that they had utilised IPV6 into their services and we should use it if our internet provider has it available (Sorry if Im using wrong wording I have no idea what IPV4/6 is). So I rang up EE and asked them to walk me through setting it up. They told me to go to the community page and all the information I would need to do what ever it is that needs doing will be there. So I type in IPV6 and a few articles come up, first page starts in 2016 and goes to 2018. So I think well if its been going on for 2 yrs at least, then someone should have an easy to follow set up by now right? Wrong! Apparently, EE are so behind in the times that they have only just started discussing whether or not they should use IPV6 over IPV4. (I rang back to ask why it wasnt being used yet and one of their tech people actually told me, "I know they are talking about it but I also know that there are no plans in place at this moment to do anything about it.") 
Apparently IPV6 has been in place since 2011(???) Its much better than IPV4 but EE arnt using it yet? I mean even BT are advertising that all their lines are IPV6 ready. Why arnt EE jumping on this to offer better services for their customers? Microsoft are telling people to switch to IPV6 as its better and their software is now compatible with it. EE need to pull out their finger and get on this. Their customers have been asking for it for at least 2 years! 
Ive no idea what it is or how easy/difficult it would be for them to change it. But from the articles on here already I have seen that they have it for mobiles and wireless but not broadband!?! What is up with that. Someone even said that their routers are capable but they just wont utilise it. So I am asking why? and hoping that someone from EE will see this article and get on top of this ASAP! Because we deserve the best service and they are not giving it to us. If they dont sort it soon we will be moving to a different service that does support IPV6. We have been a loyal customer of EE (AKA Orange) broadband for nearly 9 years now but we are a family of avid gamers and need the best service possible to get the best experience. Please, please implement this within your services for all customers, not just new customers! Thank you!

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Re: When will EE make IPV6 available for broadband users?

Hi @Reveries


IPV4 or IPV6 doesn't make any any difference to your gaming experience if you are Xbox ecosystem so I'm not seeing why you care so much about the ability to obtain more IP addresses.


The only problem you might have is if your router isn't compatible with IPV6, so it wouldn't  be able to connect, but unless your router is over 10 years old then this is again unlikely to be an issue.


This is a non issue to home users.



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Re: When will EE make IPV6 available for broadband users?

If its a non-issue for homeowners then why are so many asking for it? IP addresses are useful for online gaming especially when the game has different servers you can play on. IPV6 is better and faster than IPV4 so yes it does make a huge difference! I game on PC and xbox and they are all using IPV6. EE's router supports IPV6 but doesnt have it turned on for use because they use static IP address' instead of fixed. Im asking EE to allow their consumers the ability to use IPV6 which they can not do at the moment. Your post is sarcastic and unhelpful.

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Re: When will EE make IPV6 available for broadband users?

There's no reason for IPv6 to be faster than IPv4. It just has a larger address space.

@Reveries wrote:

I have no idea what IPV4/6 is



I'm afraid you are barking up the wrong tree.

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Re: When will EE make IPV6 available for broadband users?

ok so not faster but its still better right? Regardless the point is why havnt EE made it available to Broadband users when people have been asking for them since at least 2016 and everyone else, BT included are now using them and advertising that they are using them? That is my question, not whether its better or whether I should be interested in having it or not. Im not the only one asking for it. I was told by EE tech to post on here in the hopes of EE seeing that people still want IPV6 and finally giving their customers it. 

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