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What is this site listed in my Smart Hub log ?

I'm having intermittent problems with my WiFi, so I rebooted the Smart Hub to see if I could see anything in the log.


I don't know what these lines indicate :


18:22:11, 12 Oct. CWMP: Server URL: https://arcadyan.x.x; Connecting as user: ACS username
18:22:11, 12 Oct. CWMP: Session start now, server: https://arcadyan.x.x, Event code:
18:22:11, 12 Oct. CWMP: Initializing transaction for event code 1 BOOT
18:22:00, 12 Oct. DHCP device Connected:, c0:cb:38:6c:0b:8d, DESKTOP-5690SRT
18:22:00, 12 Oct. DHCP lease issued to c0:cb:38:6c:0b:8d DESKTOP-5690SRT, lease duration is 86400 seconds


The DHCP for is my laptop connecting, but what is the https stuff a few seconds later ?.


A web address ending .x.x doesn't look right.


Have I got a virus ?.









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Re: What is this site listed in my Smart Hub log ?

Arcadyan Technology Corporation are manufacturers of a wide range of networking products, like home routers. 

CWMP is remote management. 


It all looks quite normal to me.




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Re: What is this site listed in my Smart Hub log ?

Hi Peter,


Thanks for that, I'm not fully conversant with what's in the log. Most of it is gobblydegook to me.


However, prior to my intentional reboot, I found in the log a reboot at 1:30am three days ago.


There is no way anybody pressed the button at that time, and if it had been a mains power failure we would have lost the oven clock. ( The firmware in this router reports 'button pressed' after a complete power down restart, so it's difficult to determine the real cause. )


I was checking the logs to see if I could determine why we are having very intermittent WiFi. We had a Bright Box for three years with no WiFi problems, changed a few weeks ago to a Smart Hub, and now we are lucky to get 60 mins without a break.

This happens on iPhone, iPad, and laptop. I also use the laptop on a hotel WiFi, and it never drops there. The  problem definately seem to be on WiFi, not broadband, as our TV is hard-wired to the router, and that doesn't miss a beat.


I know it's difficult to diagnose a problem like this remotely, that's why I was looking in the log, but it's a just a jungle to me. I need to Google more !.

















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Grand Master

Re: What is this site listed in my Smart Hub log ?

You sure it was a reboot & not just a re-sync?

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Re: What is this site listed in my Smart Hub log ?


This is the message ...


System start Button press (PowerButton)


( Stupid forum software won't let me paste from router log ! )


Edit : Found another post with similar problems to mine ....





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