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Switching to EE Broadband from BT

Our current BT contract ends in 14 days and we want to move to EE Broadband. Should we wait until the contract runs out before we move or would it be fine to request a move now? And how long would it take for the EE Broadband to activate if I ordered it now?


I know there could be an early termination charge but from what I have read EE provides £50 credit to pay for exit fees, right?

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Re: Switching to EE Broadband from BT

@Jahnna  I would speak to ee broadband team now and they can advise on how long it will take to switch.... You don't want to be left with out broadband or paying for 2 lines 

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Re: Switching to EE Broadband from BT

Hi there @Jahnna


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If you call us on 0800 956 6000 we will be able to go through everything with you.


Full information on the £50.00 credit can be found on our Can I claim an Early Cancellation Credit from EE Help page.


Thanks, Leanne 🙂



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Re: Switching to EE Broadband from BT

What BB, Fibre or ADSL and would you be switching types? 

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Re: Switching to EE Broadband from BT

I would dump BT as soon as possible as they are notorious for trying to keep customers signed up by billing you for a least a month after you try to leave. I am currently trying to get rid of an email only account. When I tried to do so they tripled my bill from £7.50 to £22.50. Effectively bills for March and April and a fine of £7.50 for paying for March late. When I left their broadband service in 2017 I was sent threatening letters saying I owed them £50 pounds for leaving the contract early. When the final bill was settled they owed ME £150. BT own EE and other small teleco's but they can see the writing on the wall for the main business, because they have always been too expensive and the regulator forced them to split with the infrastructure to OpenReach

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