Setup Windows built in VPN with EE Smart Hub (allow GRE protocol)

Hi Everyone 


Due to the Corona Pandemic (which also infected some of my relatives) I'm forced to stay at home for two weeks. My work PC is in my office which I can't access atm. I'm a IT provider myself and the ideal solution for this situation is a VPN (I know there is RDP etc, but VPN would be ideal).

I followed the instructions of this website, and I successfully connected a client from the LAN to that VPN. However when I'm trying to connect from home to the VPN, I'm getting a error 806 in windows which many people suggest to check the PPTP compatibility of the router and also if the GRE protocol is allowed there. I'm currently using the standard port for that VPN which is 1723, just to get the VPN working.

A open port checker tool also states that this port is actually open, which means there is some sort of communication with the host which is specified in the port forwarding rule. 

I'm using a EE Smart Hub, and my questions are as follows:

1. Are there any known issues with the EE Smart Hub in regards to VPN hosting?

2. Is PPTP blocked on the EE Smart Hub and of so is there any config option for this?


Answers are greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Setup Windows built in VPN with EE Smart Hub (allow GRE protocol)

There are no known VPN problems with the super hub or EE. I don't actually know of any provider who does have problems.


Re: Setup Windows built in VPN with EE Smart Hub (allow GRE protocol)

Thank you for your reply!

After my research online most of the people say that the blockage seems to be either on ISP level or on the router level. What I know for sure, is that LAN connections work.... So Im trying to figure out what is blocking the connection....

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