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Recommendations on EE broadband & TV

Hi all,


We're currently coming to the end of our contract with BT and cannot wait to get away from them - it's been an experience I don't want to have to go through again!


I've been with EE on mobile for years now and rarely have any problems.


I'm tempted to switch to EE as my TV, broadband & phone provider. Last night the missus was having a look at the offers and, whilst searching, saw a lot of negative reviews on EE as a broadband provider.


So I was just wondering how people in the EE community viewed their service. Would you recommend switching to EE?


With BT I am on Fibre and can get up to 52Mb/s download speeds and my line supports this. With EE it will be capped at 38Mb/s and that bothers me - angry kids not being able to play their online games etc!!! I had an online chat with an EE advisor last night who appeared to be very abrupt and didn't offer much explanation other than it will be capped at 38Mb/s!


Your views would be appreciated muchly, thank you.

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Re: Recommendations on EE broadband & TV

EE BB is reliable & as fast as any other ISP that provide the same BB products.


EE & most, if not all, other ISPs do not offer a 55/10 Fibre product that BT does. You could always buy the 80/20 Fibre Plus product if your line is capable of more than 40 Meg.


On the Home phone side, EE do not offer most of the calling features that BT do. Just Caller ID & 1471; not even "Always withhold your number".

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Re: Recommendations on EE broadband & TV

Thank you.


Shortly after posting this question, I had a call from EE as I was interested in a package from them. It was stated that they could only sell me standard 38Mb fibre initially but that, after 14 days, I could "upgrade" to 76Mb on the knowledge that I was aware that I could not get this speed. That just sounded a bit iffy to me - like "you're now 14 days in so you're now in for the next 18 months whether you like it or not"! Maybe it's me being a bit sceptical but, don't forget, I've had experience with BT! :D. Does that sound legit? I can fully accept that I would be prepared to get the better package knowing full well that I couldn't get the full speeds so long as I could get nearer to the 52 our line is capable of and more than the capped 38Mb.


The home phone side of it we're not too fussy about. We all have unlimited mobile minutes so, in effect, we could quite happily live without a home phone - it's only there so others can get in touch and because you have to have a landline so might as well have a phone attached to it!


The TV box is one of the "tempters" for me. Reading up on it, it seems a fair piece of kit. It's just that I want to be sure we are getting what we can from the broadband connection. Hell hath no fury if the kids can't get online with their phones/tabs/xbox's etc. and I thought the best place to get a honest response was from the EE community.

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Re: Recommendations on EE broadband & TV

Hi and welcome to the Community @russguk


I would personally give our sales team a quick call and they will be able to clarify what plans and speeds are available to yourself.


@Schockwave is the best person to ask about the EETV, our resident expert.


Many thanks,



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Brilliant Contributor

Re: Recommendations on EE broadband & TV

Hello, what do you want to know about EE TV?


I had ADSL until shortly before Christmas and then upgraded to fibre broadband with up to 38Mb, and have had no problems, it works fine where I am, and see no reason to pay more to get an even faster speed.


Your children should not have a problem with this speed. I use Now TV in the kitchen to watch some of the programs on catch-up and it works fine, in comparison to ADSL.




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