by stevekaran775
New Member

I have lost my EE password card

Hello, I have recently moved house and cannot find my EE password card, which I need to log in on my phone.

by Barnsley_1988 Investigator

Re: I have lost my EE password card

@stevekaran775 Hello and Good Evening, I hope that you're sincerely well. I am replying to your submitted post on the EE community webpage regarding your post stating that you've lost your password card. Don't worry about it too much. May I ask if this is for your Home Broadband or whether this is for the wireless mobile pay as you go or contract mobile mini wifi that you can take with you when out and about. If it is for the Home Broadband, My advice would be to turn over the router and the password is usually located underneath the router. if this is for the mini wifi you can take the cover off by sliding it and it is in very tiny letters. hope that this helps 

EE Community Support Team

Re: I have lost my EE password card

Hi @stevekaran775.


Thanks for coming to the community 🙂


Have you been able to locate your password following @Barnsley_1988's advice?


Let us know if you need any further help.



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