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How many devices does the EE Smart Hub for Fibre Support?

Hi, I've moved from TalkTalk 80Mbps fibre (was getting 74.5Mbps), to EE on the same package. Only moved because they offered it me for the same price as TalkTalk because I have other accounts with them.


My TalkTalk worked flawlessly for 4 years (I know they are supposed to be bad), but mine was great.


I ported across in I think mid July and my speeds have dropped slightly to 71Mbps and my ping has gone from a stable 7 or 8 on TalkTalk to over 20 on EE!


The main problem is the connection is dropping everyday, multiple times. They send an engineer yesterday who said there are NO problems. It actually dropped whilst he was on site!


EE keep telling me I have too many devices connected (around 27). Most of these are smart bulbs, cameras, outside lighting via smart plugs, a few consoles and smartphones. I had the same setup with TalkTalk with NO issues. Also, I have seen Mobile WiFi hotspots that support 64 devices, so why would a "Home Hub" not support 27 or more?


Does anyone have any ideas what I can do? I'm really fed up and just want to go back to TalkTalk.

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Re: How many devices does the EE Smart Hub for Fibre Support?

Hi @BungleDidIt.


Welcome to the community.


Was it our Broadband Tech team who said you had too many devices connected or the engineer?


Our Smart Hub Help Page does not give a specific number, it states that the Smart Hub is designed to handles lots of devices.



by BungleDidIt Investigator

Re: How many devices does the EE Smart Hub for Fibre Support?

Two calls to the tech team team, both said there are too many devices (around 27). I've never heard of that before on a Home Hub, and like I said the Mobile WiFi boxes which are lower powered support up to 64 devices. The BT engineer didn't mention anything about the amount of devices.


At the end of the day, I'm not pulling devices off my network when they worked fine with my old ISP. Most of them are related to our Smart Home Hub (Hive). These new routers should now be fully ready for the smart home which will have dozens of devices.

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