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Fibre Broadband not working, BT Fault?



My activation day for my EE Fibre BB was yesterday. I plugged my router in as instructed and am getting the Aqua flashing lights. 


I called EE this morning, they have tested my phone line which is fine but when they did the BB test, they said it needs referring to BT for a fix their end which can take up to four days. Can anyone tell me what this is and is four days realistic? EE were very good on the phone and have since text and emailed they are trying to rectify my fault. I just wonder why this wasnt picked up prior to my activation and I dont understand what needs to be fixed. EE said it doesn't require an engineer.


Thanks in advance


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Established Contributor

Re: Fibre Broadband not working, BT Fault?

Hi, they wouldn’t of said BT fault because BT has nothing to do with the network. It is Openreach that deal with the telecoms network. I think the 4 days quoted are due to EE having to raise a fault to get an Openreach engineer to diagnose and fix the fault. It may be done quicker but the 4 days quoted would be a latest timescale.

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Re: Fibre Broadband not working, BT Fault?

Hi @Chrisclements30.


Welcome to the community. 


I am sorry hear you're  connected with your Home Broadband yet. The timescale which would of been provided will be the maximum time it will take as @paddy8214 has advised. 


It's great that the team are keeping you updated via email, if you require a more in depth explanation I would recommend getting in touch with our customer service team who will be able to look at your account. 


Fingers crossed it's not much longer. 


Katie 🙂

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Re: Fibre Broadband not working, BT Fault?

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What does it say after you log into the router:

  • For a BrightBox: in the Internet section on the initial Status page or
  • For a Smart Hub: on the Advanced Settings / Broadband / Internet page?

Obscure your names in the BB Username but post the 1st 2 parts of the IP addy. This will tell us at which stage EE have got to.

Does the phone work? Do you get a dial tone? Does it announce your correct no. when you dial 1470 17070?

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