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Constantly Dropping Connection and Noisy Land Line

Please help before I chuck my toys out of the pram and find a more reliable supplier (if one exists)!


I have been having problems with my internet connection dropping out over the last few days, it has been dropping out at least five times a day, more when it has been under under high usage.


I remembered on previous occasions I have been told to change the filter, so went out today and bought a new one, guess what? That's right it's still dropping out! Three times this evening!!


Previously I have contacted EE's tech support although I am loathed to do this as they are based in some random location halfway round the world, only have a rudimentary grasp on English and are generally quite rude!


So in summary........

  1. Line keeps dropping
  2. Filter changed
  3. Plugged in to master socket
  4. Terrible landline quality
  5. S45 postcode

If anyone could help I would be truly greatful!



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Re: Constantly Dropping Connection and Noisy Land Line

Thought this might be of use, router stats.....


I don't have a bright box, the engineer who came out a few years back said to smash it to pieces and burn the remains.......... obviously thought very highly of them!


Device Information

Firmware Version:0.6.0 0.4 v0005.0 Build 130217 Rel.62075n

Hardware Version:TD-W8968 v1 00000000

System up time:0 day(s) 06:58:48



Line Status:Connected

DSL Modulation Type:ADSL_2plus

Annex Type:Annex A/I/J/L/M


Upstream / Downstream
Current Rate (Kbps) 1140 / 9725
Max Rate (Kbps) 1140 / 13948
SNR Margin (dB) 6.1 / 6.8
Line Attenuation (dB) 20.8 / 36
Errors (Pkts) 0 / 0
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Re: Constantly Dropping Connection and Noisy Land Line

Try plugging your router into the hidden test socket that is revealed when you remove the bottom half of the split faceplate (2 screws) of your master socket. Only do this if you have a split faceplate. Do you have any extension sockets? Are there any wires connected to back of faceplate?

Post the router stats & Uptime when plugged into test socket.

Try the BT Quiet Line Test (dial 17070 Opt 2), preferably with a corded phone, in the test socket with the router disconnected. If there is any noise, report to your landline provider as a voice fault (don't mention Broadband). Often sorting out voice faults will fix the Broadband as well.

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To phone EE: The local rate landline number +44 207 362 0200 or Freephone +44 800 079 8586 - Option 1 for Mobiles; Option 2 for 4G WiFi; Option 3 for Home Broadband & EE TV.

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Re: Constantly Dropping Connection and Noisy Land Line

Hi XRaySpex


Thanks for your input, no other lines so just the one socket. I'm not sure if it has the test socket as it's not a BT branded faceplate but I will have a look tonight. Unfortunately no corded phones to test with but will try the line test tonight.


Landline supplier is EE also


Will report back shortly.

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Re: Constantly Dropping Connection and Noisy Land Line

Well I eventually gave up with self diagnosing and called up EE tech support..... which i was very happy to learn is now based in the UK!!!!!!! My smile must of been enormous when Owen from Ireland picked up the phone!


Owen was extremely helpful and after several tests believed there may be an intermittent fault on the line and was going to refer it to BT for further investigation.


So hopefully the issues will be resolved in a few days.


I think this is the happiest I've been with EE since I took out the contract originally!

EE Community Support Team

Re: Constantly Dropping Connection and Noisy Land Line

Hi @shabbs2017,


Welcome back to the community.


I'm really happy to hear Owen was able to help.


I'm sure they'll find the cause and resolve your fault as soon as possible.


Please keep us updated.


Thanks Smiley Happy



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