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Broadband not working after activation date

My broadband is still not working after my activation date and if I've tried switching my smart hub on and off so don't give that suggestion. I have called in and they said that I have an external fault and an engineer will come in to fix it and I don't have to be home when they come in. Fast forward to today 3 days after my activation date and the engineer that was meant to come in calls me saying he needs access to my property but I was not there as I was not told about the time they are coming in and customer service said I didn't have to be there. So my broadband was not fixed. Now I tried setting an appointment and the earliest day they could give me is in 5 days. The only times an engineer could come in as well are in the weekdays where I can't be home and they don't even do weekends. I can't believe how much of a joke EE is. I should have believed other people when I read their posts. Useless!!!

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Re: Broadband not working after activation date

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It would be the same from most other ISPs. EE need to get BT Openreach out to fix any line faults & they are heavily booked up.

Have you just joined EE BB or were you already with EE BB? How long has this been happening?

What does it say after you log into the router:

  • For a BrightBox: in the Internet section on the initial Status page or
  • For a Smart Hub: on the Advanced Settings / Broadband / Internet page?

Obscure your names & numbers in the BB Username but post the 1st 2 parts of the IP addy. This will tell us at which stage EE have got to.

Is this for ADSL BB or Fibre? Which router, BrightBox 1 or 2 or Smart Hub?

Does the phone work? Do you get a dial tone? Does it announce your correct no. when you dial 1470 17070?

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Re: Broadband not working after activation date

I've only just joined EE BB and I regret doing so. I'm using the SmartHub and it's a week now since my supposedly 'activation day'

EE Community Support Team

Re: Broadband not working after activation date

Hi @Mikmik1


Welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear that your broadband isn't active yet.


Have you spoken to our broadband team?


by Mikmik1 Investigator

Re: Broadband not working after activation date

Yes I have. Unfortunately there is only so much they could do and I still have to wait for ages to get my internet

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