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Broadband - Fibre Max 1 - Problem after installation

Just had my upgrade completed to Fibre Max 1. 


On the day of the installation the modem would not connect to the internet. EE does not upgrade their modem yet and open reach installed a new model Huawei MT992.


The EE modem/routeur is not longer used as modem, but purely as routeur. The Huawei is doing only modem for this type of broadband. Technically, this is on gfast and there are still not many modem/routeur out there. 


Openreach was surprised that EE is not using the same modem/routeur as BT, considering this now the same group. Anyway, after multiple calls to EE support, they were simply unable to assist at all, which was very annoying to me. Openreach had to return the very next day and connect on EE routeur themselves to find out that the WAN on the routeur was disable. After a phone call with Openreach support, it appears to be a well known issue with EE routeur. 


So in case you got a problem on the day of installation check the following:


1. Connect to the EE routeur (usually

2. Click "Change Settings"

3. Enter the admin password (It should be on the EE routeur, on the back).

4. Click "advanced settings" (Path showing on the top of the page)

5. Click "broadband" on the top left corner

6. Check the status of "Wan Port" it should be active for gFast with the Huawei modem


If not, click on the switch to activate it, then click "Save" on the top of the page (Important dont forget to save). The EE routeur should now restart.


Note: Make sure the ethernet cable from the modem (huawei) is correctly plug in the 4 socket of the routeur. It should be the one with the word WAN in red above it. 


and voila! Gfast it is.

EE Community Support Team

Re: Broadband - Fibre Max 1 - Problem after installation

Hi @bullbloke,


Welcome to the EE Community. 🙂


I'm sorry to hear your broadband installation didn't go smoothly.


Thanks for taking the time to share your experience and tips.



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