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Brightbox 2 losing one signal

Our internet went down tonight, for a good 3 hrs, but only on one frequency

The brightbox can deliver at 5ghz and 2.4ghz. The 2.4ghz was gone. The laptops we have all connect at 2.4, and none would connect even when connected by cable. The phones can connect at both 2.4 and 5ghz, They werent able to work at 2.4 but could at 5 

The BT openzone system checker stated no faults

We reset the brightbox 2 wth no difference


As it is we still have a brightbox, as well as the bright box 2, we tried replacing the box. The brightbox doesnt do 5ghz, so it also didnt work.


We then reconnected the brightbox, The internet had gone down at just about 10, and at around 1 it restarted


I am contacted EE service departent but it closes at 10, just as issues started for us

We have struggled with feeding to Facebook live through laptops on evenings, but have been fine during the day.

Has anyone else had any issues like this?

I am guessing a couple of possibilities, EE cut power down to us on a night, or maybe there was a fault on the line, or do they run some system update at that time, but I am just guessing

I have noticed regularly on an evening (not everyday, but maybe twice a week) the internet goes down for a minute, and reboots. Is this usual?


I am contacting EE tomorrow

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Re: Brightbox 2 losing one signal

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EE have no control over your router's WiFi & its power, if that what it's really to do with.


It doesn't make sense for the lappys not to work over Ethernet even if they can't connect over WifI, unless your BB is completely down.


But that is not borne out by you saying the mobiles are working over 5GHz WiFi. You sure they are not reverting to the mobile network?


It can happen occasionally, particularly on w/ends, for a BT eng to bump into your line or exchange or cab & take out your BB. They usually notice on Mon. & bring it back up. To me that's the most likely scenario. 1st thing to do is to prove whether you actually have BB or not.


Post your full router stats. For a BrightBox: login and go to Advanced Settings/ System/ DSL Status. Also post 'System Uptime' from top of System Log page. Full router stats are key to any speed & connection issues.


2 discons per week are nowt to worry about.

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Re: Brightbox 2 losing one signal

I had the exact same issue, EE sent me a new router.

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