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All You Need To Know About Call Plus

Call Plus gives you the perks of the most popular calling features, from call waiting, to three-way calls for just £5 a month. And the good news is - you can add Call Plus to your plan when it suits you best.



What are Call Plus features?


Call Plus gives you seven popular calling features that you can add on to your package, on top of any other call add ons you might have.


  • Call Divert - you can divert calls to almost any phone, including your mobile while your line is in use.


  • Call Waiting - hear a short beep when other callers are trying to get through to you when you're on the phone and you can choose whether to take the call or not.


  • Ring Back - get a call back when a number you've tried to call is engaged and is free again.


  • Choose to Refuse - block up to ten numbers (some are excluded from this service) from getting through to you.


  • Reminder Call - get your phone to remind you at any time you schedule with a ring.


  • Anonymous Call Rejection -  stop calls from withheld numbers.


  • Three-way Calling - have three callers on one call, so there's no need to make multiple calls.



How do I get Call Plus?


You can add Call Plus when you first sign up to a broadband plan or just call us for free on 150 from your phone to add it to your plan whenever you want.


We hope that you have found all the answers to your questions here but if you have any other questions you'd like us to answer, just leave a comment below by tapping the "reply" button. We'll be happy to help. 


For more information please visit our Call Plus help and support pages.



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