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Hi, basically I recently upgraded my phone from the 64gb s6 edge to the 32gb s7 edge. However, I stupidly didn't even realise that the s7 edge was only 32gb. I have about 50gb of apps, pics, and videos of internal storage on my s6 edge which I would like to transfer but obviously can't. I'm not very keen on SD card storage due to problems in the past. What i'm thinking of doing is waiting until the Galaxy S8 comes out and buying a sim free 64gb or 128gb S8 using some money i've saved. Would I be able to do this and simply just move my nano sim from my S7 edge on my current contract? Would I need to inform EE? Do you think they would be interested in a trade deal? Many thanks.


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Re: upgrade

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Not sure why you would have problems using an SD card. I have one in my Lumia 950XL and have had no problems, all my apps are on the phone memory and anything else goes on the SD card.


If you did the upgrade online and are still within the 14 days, you can always return it, but this option is not available if done through a store.


If you decide to buy another phone, you can always put the SIM card in the new phone, no problem, and you do not need to let EE know, but as EE own the phone for the first six months of your contract, you cannot sell that phone, as you will not be able to get it unlocked, so will have to wait until that time has passed.

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Re: upgrade

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Why not store your photos and videos in the cloud?


There are many free storage options available including Google Photos.


Hope this helps. Smiley Happy



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Re: upgrade

i agree use the cloud for storage of videos and pictures.


there are multiple solutions avasilable.


Google Drive basic storage but unlimited if reduce size of photos. (pixel phones unlimited full size) - free but can buy plans

Flickr - brilliant for photos with 1TB storage - free

Amazon Cloud - fee

One Drive - 1TB free if you have Office 365 account. but can buy plans

Dropbox - free to fee depending on storage plan


not sure if on samsung devices, but on pixel you can get it to delete pictures and videos from device once uploaded to cloud.


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