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techmical issues

I've had my phone less than four months, it used to charge fantastically but over the past month or so when I have put it on charge during the night it dies, it wont charge up at all either through the day. It has done it again to me today and it wont hold it charge. Its a sony xperia and I was hoping someone could give me a clue as what to do, I have changed the plug, I have changed the cable and I have bought new a complete new charger for it but its still the same, I need my phone and I'm at a loss as what is going on with it.

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Re: techmical issues

Hello there @steph6


Thanks for coming to the community.


It does sound like there is a fault with the device.


Is the battery removable?


Also did you purchase the phone from us?



by Midmajik Investigator

Re: techmical issues

I have has similar issues with my Xperia Z5

I found sometimes it was due to apps like Facebook hogging a lot of battery and also Samsung charges for example just don't work. Sony charges are best for the brand.

Mine hasn't been that bad ie it will charge overnight with a lesser charger (Samsung for example) but never so bad as to turn off whilst charging and not using it.


I did notice that the new Android nougat update yesterday has helped a bit. But now my speakers don't work prooerly. 


If it's only 4 months old then phone them up for a replacement. They usually pretty good. Especially if you have insurance. Next day delivery nationwide.

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