by llllll

"Your £10 Everything Pack can't start as you don't have enough credit"

My £10 package didn't renew today because it says that I do not have enough credit.

When I text AL to 150 I get this message "Your current ballance as of today is £18.65. Your last top up was £10 on 01/02/2017 at 23:41."

I trie to call 07953966250 and it says that I dialled an inccorect number.

I cannot call, text or go on the internet.

Can someone please tell me what the **bleep** is going on?

by llllll

Re: Package failed to renew

I've got the same problem. I have £18.86 on my account, but it says I don't have enough credit and my package is only £10.

I tried to call as well, but It says the same thing.

What do I do now? I cannot call, text.

by george_hut Investigator

Re: Package failed to renew


Find a friend with EE (contract) and call at 150 (it is free for contract costumers). Or use landline.

They will fix it for you.

I hope this helps

George Kalyvas
EE Employee

Re: "Your £10 Everything Pack can't start as you don't have enough credit"

Hi and welcome to the Community @llllll


So I can try and assist, please can I get you into text NOW to 150 in order to activate your pack immediately.


Let me know how you get on.


Many thanks,



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