by makesz
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phone decoupling

I have a phone I'm trying to use here in Hungary and tells me that it closes the company and you have to ask for help to release it as well.
Specifications of the phone:
Phone Manufacturer: Microsoft
Phone model: RM - 1127
Locked by: Telenor Hungary
Mail address xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx
Please send me the unlock code as soon as possible ... please.
I can not call your company, because it is very expensive to call it
Thanks in advance for your humble help.


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by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: phone decoupling


@makesz If it Locked by: Telenor Hungary then what ee can do for you?


by Grand Master
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Re: phone decoupling

@makesz  You need to ask Telenor to unlock the device for you. This has nothing to do with EE and EE can not help you at all. 

EE Community Support Team

Re: phone decoupling

Hi @makesz


Thanks for coming to the EE community 🙂


@tahirmian and @Chris_B are right and you need to contact Telenor Hungary to initiate your unlocking request.







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