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payment declined

So i keep trying to pay my bill online with my card and it is declined everytime.

The bank says that when the ifo gets to them it has the wrong expirer date and that is why they decline it.


So i rang EE and payed a bill and set up my card over the phone no problem, the payment went through. And the added that card to the account.


So again i go to pay my Bill online with the card that EE set up ond worked., but again it is declined everytime.


My card works fine everywhere els, the info is correct, EE set it up on the phone and it worked. i try putting it in manualy again still dont work.

There is something wrong with ee payments online..


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Re: payment declined

Try the IVR (dial 360) and if this works it's probably an issue with online at the moment.

Re: payment declined

its been going on for a couple of months. the IVR doesnt work for me either, but again it works when i get through to speak to someone.

They payed my bill over the phone with the card that was registeted and it worked fine.. but online dont work, hasnt for over two months for me

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