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by aidy76 Investigator

new firmware for i9505

hi all i was wondering if anyone had any info on the new update for the galaxy s4 i9505 ? when will EE be releasing or getting the update hope some one can help many thanks  aidy76

by aidy76 Investigator

Re: new firmware for i9505

i take it no ones knows 14 people read post but no comments lol nice forum very helpfull

by Grand Master
Grand Master

Re: new firmware for i9505

Those 14 people are bot EE staff but just users.

EE takes ages to release updates just look at the two posts from HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S2 users who have been waiting months.

I too have the S4. Waiting patiently for the update doesn't bother me. It's only an update. It won't kill me to wait.

I am not going to be like others abd say "I'm leaving EE because the service us rubbish because I haven't got my update yet"

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by aidy76 Investigator

Re: new firmware for i9505

thanks for the reply but im not saying im leaving ee because there rubish was just asking a question ???

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