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by franko59

network unlock code

i have a htc wildwirehow do i unblock the network so i can use any sim

by Ace Contributor
Ace Contributor

Re: network unlock code

Quoted from their website:




To get your phone unlocked:

• You must be a current customer who’s had the account for at least six months
• The IMEI must not be blacklisted (we’ll check this for you)
• Pay monthly customers must have an account balance of zero - everything needs to be paid up to date



It takes up to 20 days to unlock a phone and there’s an admin fee of £20.42. This can be paid by credit or debit card, or if you’re a pay monthly customer you can add it to your next bill, and pay as you go customers can have it deducted from the account balance.

Want to go ahead? Just ring us free on 150 from your EE phone and we’ll get the ball rolling.



by Brilliant Contributor
Brilliant Contributor

Re: network unlock code

If you have been a paying customer for 6 months or more then contact Customer Services and they will charge you anything up to about £20. It may also take a while going via this route.


Alternatively if you search on Google you may find a faster and much cheaper service.


(Sorry Winson, we must have been typing at the same time Robot LOL)

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