by Saanya123

my bank is blocking my payment when i try to top up


When I try to top up my pay as you go- it says my bank is blocking my payment. 

I don't understand why? 

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Re: my bank is blocking my payment when i try to top up

Hello @Saanya123 you will need to contact your banks customer service to find out why I am sorry since they are blocking it not EE. 


If if you are trying over the phone on 150 try again in a couple of hours - or log in to MYEE online/register the number online and try topping up through your online account. Here is a link containing the ways you can top up on EE PAYG. :):

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Re: my bank is blocking my payment when i try to top up

Banks are hot on frauds using stolen card nos. to make test purchases of top-ups. These are quite common. So if you've never made a top-up for your mobile no. before they will usually stop it when you do it for the 1st time, just in case it's a fraud. They then should phone you to check if it was really you & then unblock it. If your bank hasn't contacted you about this, I should phone them to confirm it was genuine. Then future top-ups from your no. should be cleared thro'.

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by Saanya123

Re: my bank is blocking my payment when i try to top up

thank you for your response.

however, I have used this card may times before for my top ups. I've only ever used this card.
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Re: my bank is blocking my payment when i try to top up

Hi @Saanya123


As my follow Stars have said, this will be your bank anti-fraud systems placing a bar on the transaction. 


This could be due to a number of factors, most commonly:


1) Your account not doing this request for a while and as such your bank wishes to confirm this is still a lawful transaction. 


2) Your bank has seen an increase in stolen cards being used on top-ups. This will be a bank wide prevention measure and will be a standard safeguard for a duration. 


All you need to do is phone your bank and the blocks will be removed. 


Hope you resolve this 🙂

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