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by LaraLarastimson

free 2014 minutes

I am on the Orange Dolphin pay as u go plan where I receive 400 texts and 1gb data a month, but I also received a message to text '2014' to receive 168 minutes a month which haven't been activated, do I have to choose between the two offers? If not could u advise how I get the free minutes to work? Thanks
by Amusedgerbil
New Member

Re: free 2014 minutes

I am on same dolphin plan and to my knowledge u can have both extras. After texting mins 2014 my free mins and data were added after about 12 hours. On the grand scheme of things with all those mins and data plus texts from dolphin, £10 is a good deal. Chase it up though as u only have a little time to opt into this freebie. Seems as though it may be something that EE begin to regret if too popular. Good luck
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